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Specific Environmental Services

  • Bioremediation of areas contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons using endemic microorganisms
  • Biodegradation of amino compounds, organic phosphates and phosphonates, nitrogen heterocyclic compounds, alkylbenzene sulfonates, cationic surfactants and high molecular weight substances, cyanides , among others
  • Treatment and recovery of weathered crude for incorporation into production
  • Treatment of wastewater, sewage, gray water with resins and biological matrices
  • Chelation and treatment of heavy metals in solid and aqueous materials
  • Production and isolation of biological surfactants from native bacteria in Ecuador
  • Bioremediation of underground aquifers contaminated with hydrocarbons
  • Cleaning of organic and inorganic material impregnated with hydrocarbons
  • Decontamination of wetlands and floodplains, bioremediation of contaminated materials s with pesticides
  • Elaboration of biodegradable surfactants artificially designed based on the natural model found in microorganisms
  • Analysis of TPH, HAPS, heavy metals and established parameters in the RAOH-E
  • Production of activated and inactivated biological matrices
  • Remediation of contaminated sediments in estuaries and lagoons

Emerging Environmental Services

CONFOCAS-E provides containment services and collection of oil spills and their derivatives, performs bioremediation and cleaning of soils and waters contaminated with hydrocarbons with biocompatible methods with the environment.

In the provision of its services, CONFOCAS -E, recognizes its responsibility to the environment, and is committed to reducing adverse environmental impacts related to the generation of solid waste, discharges of sewage and gray water associated with its activities, products and services.

Various Environmental Services

  • Environmental impact study, environmental management plans, environmental diagnostics
  • Baseline studies
  • Biological inventories, ecological and biodiversity studies
  • Restoration and reforestation of altered areas and aesthetic contamination and slope restructuring