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Who we are

COCARAE is the mother of the organizations of the Ecuadorian Amazon, forming a network of national scope conformed by the organizations of first and second degree in all the Ecuador, that is the corporation of sustainable Agro-peasant organizations of Ecuador.


COCARAE contribuites to the integral and sustainable development of the Amazon region through important natural and human types of projects . The ancestral groups due to the location of their tribes and geographical situation have a lot of complex problems in the following areas : financial , social, cultural and health


COCARAE facilitates the sustainable development process in the Amazonian region , managing resources and executing diferent kind of alternative programs of development , integral and sustainable , and social vision , focus on the betterment of the community , implementing and aplicating new effective and transparent management models that allow the comunities to improve their live conditions , having festivals , congress , bio - remediation process that incluide the active participation of the comunities.

Project Executing Unit for the Amazon Region and Ecuador UNEPRAE, is an institution executing projects for the whole country, preferably in the Amazon Region, for having a greater connection with the Amazonian communities.

Comercial Strategy

Our executing unit maintains macro agreements with national and international organizations to undertake any project.

Economical Solvence

UNEPRAE, has the physical guarantees of COCARAE, CONFOCAS-E and CREDITORA, for example, a plot of 122,500 hectares. Valued at more than 3,000 million dollars.

Human Resources

UNEPRAE, has a large number of professionals in all technical branches, in addition to all first-hand information has operational links almost all ministries of the national government of Ecuador.

Corporation of Sustainable and Sustainable Agricultural Peasant Organizations of Ecuador CONFOCAS-E, with 535 grassroots organizations at the national level, with ministerial agreement 1181, RUC 1791887603001.

CONFOCAS-E; promotes the debate and the generation of technical proposals and policies for human, social, agro-ecological and agro-industrial development, for which it offers training and technical advice.

It also promotes research and dissemination of information on agro-ecology and agroindustrialization and use of natural resources, sustainable development and structural development of the country.


  • Environmental protection programs and agricultural production research
  • We know the reality of the Amazon region, because we live in the place
  • The peasant and indigenous communities that we group know how to act in the event of a spill or contamination
  • We train the leaders of the different sensitive communities in environmental programs.
  • To ensure our bioremediation work, a community watch is hired and we take care of the oil production in the later part
  • We work only with personnel of the sector and we have technicians worldwide with cutting-edge technology, low results in the area
  • If the community participates, there will always be a harmony between the operating companies and oil services with the community < li> The profits of the project Iran a social reinvention of the Amazonian communities


  • Cleaning and Bioremediation of soils and waters contaminated with hydrocarbons
  • Management of Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources
  • Biotechnology applied to the recovery of sensitive ecosystems
  • Botany applied to restoration and reforestation to reduce aesthetic impacts
  • Environmental Diagnoses and Biodiversity Studies.

    Through strategic alliances of operation is the operating entity. Our institution is certified according to ISO 9.001 and 14.001.

    CONFOCAS-E has implemented a policy of support for scientific research and cultural dissemination in the country through inter-institutional agreements and with researchers